Congratulations to Strathclyde, the 2011 Maths Champions, and London United, the 2011 Ladies Champions!

As the tournament winners, the privilege of hosting next year's tournament goes to Strathclyde. For more information see here.

Forget London 2012...

It's LONDON 2011!

Welcome to the website for the 2011 UK Universities Maths & Stats Postgraduate Football Championships! The quest to find the least bad Maths Department in the UK at football in 2011 has begun!

The tournament will be held on Saturday 20th August in North London, and in the evening we will of course head for a meal out, and if we aren't too tired, a night out in the Big Smoke!

This year, for the first time, we shall be hosting the 2011 UK Ladies Science Postgraduate Football Championships, running in parallel to the Maths & Stats tournament! We would like to stress that Mixed and Ladies teams are more than welcome in the Maths & Stats Tournament, and we will do our best to accomodate players who want to play in both.

A booklet including the tournament structure, a breakdown of the rules, and some helpful maps is available here (PDF: 889KB). The seemingly odd page order should resolve itself if you print using the "flip on short edge" option. It worked for us anyway!


The Tournament was first hosted by the University of Bath in 2009, and then at the University of Newcastle in 2010. Both events were outstanding successes, thanks to the dedication of the organisers at each institution. Last year, the bragging rights went to Imperial College, and with them the responsibility of being the hosts for 2011.